The International Association for Critical Realism

The International Association for Critical Realism (IACR) was established in 1997 with the basic objective of serving as a networking or otherwise facilitating resource for anyone broadly sympathetic to, or concerned with, realist philosophy and social theory. Given the current crises in the social sciences and philosophy, it was widely felt that such a resource is urgently needed. To this end IACR intends, amongst other things, to facilitate annual conferences (both within Europe and in other parts of the world) and to organise or help co-ordinate and publicise lectures, seminars, workshops, summer schools and related events concerned in any way with realist philosophy and social theory. It also hopes to facilitate related research projects.

The official IACR website is: http://criticalrealismblog.blogspot.com/

IACR has staged annual conferences since 1998. In 2011 this was held at Oslo University College. Previous IACR conferences have been held at the University of Essex, UK (1998), the University of Örebro, Sweden (1999), the University of Lancaster, UK (2000), Roskilde University, Denmark (2001), the University of Bradford, UK (2002), the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (2003), the University of Cambridge, UK (2004), the University of Western Sydney, Australia (2005), University of Tromsø, Norway (2006), Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA (2007), Kings College, London (2008), Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2009), University of Padua, Italy (2010), Grahamstown, South Africa, (2012),  Nottingham (2013), London, UK (2014), South Bend, Indiana USA (2015), Cardiff, UK (2016), Torino, Italy (2017), Lillehammer, Norway (2018), Southampton (2019), Warsaw, Poland (delivered online, 2020), and South Africa (to be delivered online, 2021).